Childhood Arthritis Awareness


Teamayden spaghetti dinner

with audra brown - city news toronto

Ayden Soares was interviewed on City NEWS - Toronto with Audra Brown about what Childhood Arhtirtis means to Ayden and his upcoming Spaghetti Sunday in Burlington. Also on 680 news and

Radio interview with Darrin and colleen on hamilton's fresh radio 95.3 fm

Ayden was interviewed on Fresh Radio with Darrin and Colleen just days before the 2017 Walk To Fight Arthritis.

m.p. Pam Damoff statement

in the house of commons, gov. of canada

March marks Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month. I was proud to stand up in the House today to speak about an incredible young Arthritis advocate in my riding, Ayden Soares. Ayden has a simple message, "Arthritis hurts, but you can never give up! Keep your dreams, because they can come true!"

Teamayden spaghetti dinner

with jessica clarke - yourtv halton

Ayden Soares was interviewed on YourTV Halton with Jessica Clarke about Spaghetti Sunday in Burlington.

Raising funds and a cup of tea to end arthritis

with shane lansing - tv cogeco

9 year old Ayden Soares suffers from arthritis, and has done a great deal of fundraising to help find a cure for the pain he experiences every day. This May he'll be putting on a Mother's Day Tea event, where moms and their kids can enjoy sandwiches, desert and delicious tea while raising money for The Arthritis Society. 

Youth in Philanthropy - ayden soares

via afp golden horseshoe

Ayden talks about what it means for him to raise money.  Ayden will be the recipient of the Youth in Philanthopy 2015.

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Mothers Day Tea for Team Ayden

May 2017 Team Ayden hosted a Mother's Day Tea raising money for the Arthritis Society.  

Ayden's got his black belt!!!!

3.5 years in the making, a lot of tears from pain but a determined Ayden wanted to prove to everyone that arthritis doesn't define him.  If you have a dream, don't let arthritis stop you!  1st Dan Black belt, June 2016.

Team Ayden final- TV COGECO 

Team Ayden and OMAC World Class Martial Arts present the Arthritis Society with a cheque for $28,402.15.

ayden the karate kid - Hamilton Spectator

by barry gray

Sonja Soares talks about Ayden with juvenile arthritis, but it does not stop him from training for his black belt.

School 'FUN'-draiser by Jason Mills, Special to Burlington Post. Ayden Soares and brother Gavin play with iPhones in the school library at Burlington's St. Timothy Catholic School on March 27, 2015 as part of a fundraiser for The Arthritis Society and specifically juvenile arthritis, with which Ayden lives.  Students were asked to donate $2 which would allow them to use their electronic devices in class for the day.  Photo by Jason Mills - Special Burlington Post.

Printed Media

On air with darrin & colleen

fresh fm 95.3

A small snipit of our morning on Fresh FM 95.3 with Darrin & Colleen talking about the OMAC Juvenile Arthritis Taekwondo Tournament.

He Said She Said!

by The Haze

Team Ayden kick's it - TV Cogeco

with Krista sharpe

At OMAC World Class Martial Arts, discussing the event "Juvenile Arthritis Taekwondo Tournament" and the impressive turnout and support.

Ayden's story - TV Cogeco

with Kristen Demeny

At OMAC World Class Martial Arts, talking about how Juvenile Arthritis affects Ayden and the support from OMAC to help him with training and fundraising.

Online stories

Team ayden on rogers cable 10 live

with racquel rodriguez

Ayden and Sonja Soares talk about Ayden's diagnosis of Juvenile Arthritis, how Team Ayden hopes to spread awareness, and the blue bird campaign.

ayden soares - @home TV COgeco

with deb tymstra

Ayden and Sonja Soares talk with Deb Tymstra, about what Juvenile Arthritis means for Ayden being 6 years old.  

Team ayden childhood arthritis awareness!

Mother's Day Tea Fundraiser by Nikki Wesley Burlington Post. Ayden Soares, 9, pours tea for his Nana Kim Platt during the Mother'sDay Tea in support of Team Ayden Childhood Arthritis Awareness at Tansley Woods Community Centre, May 13, 2017

ayden to #kickarthritis canada day -

9 year old Ayden Soares plans to show everyone he can still #kickarthritis, this Canada 150 Day 2017 at Spencer Smith Park, Burlington by kicking 150 boards under the new gazebo!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Ayden Soares doing the fighting stance to #kickarthritis

valentine's day cards


Ayden Soares, delivers his one-of-a-kind designs for your valentine this year to raise funds for Juvenile Arthritis.

Youth in Philanthropy award 2015 at

afp golden horseshoe ceremony

Ayden provided a captivating speach at the Association of Fundraising Profesionals Philanthropy Luncheon as he receives his award for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy.

ayden breaks 150 boards for canada 150!             with deb tymstra - tv cogeco/halton insider

Ayden Soares did it!  He #kickarthritis with the support of OMAC Martial Arts and friends and family on Canada Day!  Watch his interview at the half way point with TV Cogeco, and his mom.

Radio Ad for the Walk to Fight Arthritis

by 95.3 Fresh FM

Walk To Fight Arthritis Ad Hamilton Spectator