boards to kick downtown, Spencer Smith Park in Burlington on July 1st.  A huge crowd gathered to watch him perform and he was able to reach so many people with his story and let them know about Childhood Arthritis.  A huge thank you to OMAC Martial Arts for helping him and supporting him for the day.

Ayden hosted his first Mother's Day Tea Fundraiser in May 2017 at Tansley Woods Community Centre.  So many guests enjoyed hot tea and freshly made sandwiches and goodies donated by local businesses.  Fine china tea cups and tea pots were also donated by local residents. There were 5 wonderful raffle items on display that were a hit.  The event was a great success and raised over $800 for Childhood Arthritis.

  • DEC - Ayden designs and sells Christmas Cards and was a huge success!

  • NOV - Ayden attends AFP luncheon as past recipient and supports this years winners.

  • AUG - Ayden meets with more businesses to provide donation boxes for collections.

  • JUN - Ayden achieves his BLACK belt in Taekwondo!!! Click here for video!!!

  • JUN - Ayden walks with his instructors, family and friends at the Walk to Fight Arthritis.

  • APR - Ayden stands at Walmart on Fairview collecting donations and spreading awareness.

  • APR - Bring Your Own Game day at St. Timothy Catholic School.  Kids got to bring in a board game or an electronic device for $2. 

  • APR - Comedy night fundraiser at Club 54

  • MAR - Ayden starts Youtube channel showcasing videos to help kids with arthritis

  • MAR- Ayden drops off new donation boxes around Burlington to local businesses.

  • FEB - Ayden designs and delivers Valentine's Cards to Burlington residents on Valentine's Day.

april fools comedy night in burlington

2017 fundraising History

What better way to show the world how determined you are to #kickarthritis than to kick 150 boards on Canada Day 150!  And he did just that!  He raised $1,835 at $10 per board plus donations to reach his goal of 150 

fundraising and awareness efforts for the arthritis society

Team ayden supports

team riley!!!

Ayden visited the home of Riley McCoy, Age 9, a friend who also suffers with Juvenile Arthritis. They met at the Juvenile Arthritis Taekwondo Tournament. Riley and family heard about the tournament and paid Team Ayden a visit. While Ayden and Riley were sharing each others stories, Sonja told mom Brenda about the Walk to Fight Arthritis for June 7th. They are now registered for the event under Team Riley and held their first Lemonade Stand and Charity BBQ in support of the Arthritis Society. Team Riley raised over $900 that day and Ayden paid them a visit to show his support! 
Team Ayden is asking local businesses to help give arthritis "The Boot". Kids sized orange or blue boots are on display and ready for you to help out the cause of raising awareness of Childhood Arthritis and to #kickarthritis! Got change? MAKE IT COUNT! Collections are made regularily and all proceeds go to The Arthritis Society! Let's make a difference! 

Help ayden give childhood arthritis "the boot"

2014 Fundraising history

  • ​​​​NOV- Ayden receives his award from Association of Fundraising Professionals,Golden Horseshoe Chapter for Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy.

  • ​​​​JUN- Ayden walks with his Team at the Walk to Fight Arthritis 2015 and is awarded Top Fundraiser in the Circle of Champions.

  • ​​​​MAY- Team Ayden supports Team Riley for the Lemonade Stand and Charity BBQ for the Walk to Fight Arthritis.

  • MAR- Juvenile Arthritis Taekwondo Tournament at OMAC World Class Martial Arts.  A HUGE SUCCESS!!!! $28,402.15!!!

  • ​​MAR- On air with Darrin and Colleen 95.3 Fresh FM talking about Childhood Arthritis.

  • MAR- BYOT Bring Your Own Toy day at St. Timothy Catholic School.  Kids got to bring in a toy or an electronic device for $2. We raised $1,014.30  Thank you!

  • FEB- Promoting the "boot".  Help Ayden give arthritis the Boot by tossing spare change in his orange or blue boots in the community.

that this should only make you stronger!  Well it has!  Because of this and OMAC's amazing support, they held a fundraiser on behalf of Ayden to support his cause to raise awareness of Childhood Arthritis in the community and to raise money to find a cure for arthritis.​  We raised $28, 402.00.


MARCH 28, 2015

Ayden has been an OMAC Taekwondo student since he was 4 years old starting in the tiny tiger program.  He has passed that program and is currently holding a brown belt in Taekwondo.  When Ayden was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis, we all thought he would have to quit his dream of becoming a black belt.  When OMAC heard this, they told him to never quit anything you have started... 

2015 Fundraising history

  • DEC - Ayden visits Parliament Hill and meets PM Justin Trudeau and tells him about his involvement with the Arthritis Society

  • DEC - Ayden receives Burlington 150/Ontario 150 Award from MPP Eleanor McMahon

  • DEC - Ayden tests for 2nd dan Black Belt with OMAC Martial Arts! Watch video!

  • NOVAyden receives Canada 150 Sesquicentennial Award from MP. Pam Damoff.

  • NOV - Ayden acknowledged as past 10 year honouree award winner at AFP. 

  • JULAyden kicked 150 boards on Canada Day in Burlington at Spencer Smith to #kickarthritis

  • JUN - Ayden walks with his instructors, family and friends at the Walk to Fight Arthritis.

  • JUN - On air with Darrin and Colleen (Fresh 95.3FM) talking about the Walk to Fight Arthritis!

  • MAY - Successful Mother's Day tea held at Tansley Woods Community Centre!

  • MAY - Pre-recording on Fresh 95.3FM to advertise The Walk to Fight Arthritis!

  • MAR- Ayden attends intimate research tour at SickKids and The Arthritis Society

ayden receives "outstanding youth in philanthropy" award 

Interviews and pre-recordings at fresh radio 95.3fm

Ayden loves to draw and created one-of-a-kind Valentine's card and Christmas card designs to raise funds for Childhood Arthritis. He had a number of designs available and was asked to deliver a dozen red roses with his card to a certain sweetheart in Burlington.  "I love drawing and I really love raising money for arthritis research so we can find a cure," says Ayden.  Cards were delivered via email for $2.00 and personally delivered with a rose within Burlington.  Click here for video.

Spaghetti Sunday for Childhood Arthritis

  • DEC - Team Ayden on the air with Rogers Cable 10 Live in Mississauga, talking about how Ayden copes with Juvenile Arthritis. Pushing our Bluebird campaign in hopes to raise more awareness and funds for the Arthritis Society.
  • NOV- Team Ayden was on the committee for the Jewels and Jeans Gala for the Arthritis Society.
  • OCT- Ayden and his Mom go on air with Deb Tymstra from @Home with TV Cogeco to talk about how Juvenile Arthritis affects Ayden.
  • SEP- Ayden and OMAC Taekwondo meet to discuss a giant fundraiser for the Arthritis Society!
  • AUG- Launch of to help raise more awareness.
  • ​JUN- Walks the whole 5km without rest and was awarded Young Ambassador and Top Fundraiser for the Walk to Fight Arthritis.
  • MAY- Ayden decides to make this his mission to spread awareness to others that kids get arthritis too.  Raises $2,000 for the Walk.
  • MAY - Ayden's family found out about the Walk to Fight Arthritis 2014.
  • APR-   Ayden was diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis.


ayden #kickarthritis for canada 150

Ayden was co-awarded "Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy", with friend Ethan Golden, both nominated by The Arthritis Society and awarded by The Association of Fundraising Professionals, Golden Horseshoe Chapter of Ontario.   Click to hear Ayden and Ethan's speech about how they are both fighting to find a cure for Arthritis.

Please donate by clicking on the Donate button. Every dollar donated to Team Ayden gets transferred to The Arthritis Society and is eligible for a tax receipt.

  • MAR - MP Pam Damoff, Oakville and North Burlington, speaks in House of Commons about Ayden and Childhood Arthritis month.

  • ​​MAR- Ayden hosts the first #SpaghettiSunday at Columbus Hall.  Guests lined up out the door for a plate and to help fundraise.

  • FEB - Ayden's parents host another comedy night at Club 54 with Ben Guyatt.  Such fun!

It's not just Ayden that raises awareness.  Mom and Dad host a comedy night at Club 54 in Burlington on April 1st, 2016 and another February 9, 2018 bringing Team Ayden $3,600 with a ton of laughs!

For information on how to be a part of Team Ayden's campaign to spread awareness of CHILDHOOD ARTHRITIS, please email us at

(Ayden Soares, Age 7 and Riley McCoy, Age 9)

Childhood Arthritis Awareness

Brand new donation boxes have arrived and have been delivered to local businesses to help Ayden raise money for a cure for Childhood Arthritis. These small boxes are fully locked and have double sided tape on the bottom to stick to counter tops for safety, and your logo can be added to the card.  So many have been delivered already. Click here to see a list of supporters for  

Mother's Day Tea 

Ayden designs valentine's  and Christmas cards

2018 fundraising History

2016 fundraising History

#kickarthritis donation boxes

Ayden says the best time of day is when his family sits down for dinner together.  What better way to spread awareness of Childhood Arthritis then to have a huge community spaghetti dinner!

Hundreds of people showed up on March 4, 2018 to enjoy a great meal prepared by the Black Bull, the Atrium and Cobs.  Music by Hayley Verall was outstanding.  Greatful for our supporters, The Co-operators Rob Hampson, Let it Go with Reiki, Dr's Stephen and Christina Fielding, the CWL and of course the Knights of Columbus. Over $2,800 was raised!

As ambassador for The Arthritis Society, they asked Ayden to do a pre-recording and an interview on Fresh Radio 95.3FM in Hamilton.  He had a great time as always (3 visits to date).  Check out the video and see if you think Colleen can kick as well as Ayden.  Thanks Darrin and Colleen!!!