Childhood Arthritis Awareness


It is very important for me to be as active as possible to keep my joints moving. Not moving makes me feel stiff, so I fidget often. In the past, I belonged to a Taekwondo club that helped modify my training so that I could become successful.  I trained very hard, usually 6 days a week and as such I have earned my 2nd Dan Black Belt.  I have also done swimming and light soccer.  At this stage in my life, I have to take it easy.  I still need to move a lot, but my excercise has been limited to 15 mins a day until I can manage better and my arthritis is better controlled.  Unfortunately that means I stay on all the drugs so I can begin to feel normal.  It will be a long while, but I will focus on being and doing the best I can.

Arthritis doesn't kill you, but you have to live with it your WHOLE LIFE! It's not fair for a child who has their whole life ahead of them having to be constantly medicated going through flare after flare. It is very important for me to bring awareness to my friends, teachers and family so that everyone understands that Arthritis can affect anyone, not just the elderly and it is for this reason I participate in the Walk to Fight Arthritis. ​Please help and support my campaign and donate. Thank you for helping me #kickarthritis!

I was awarded "Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy" at the AFP Golden Horseshoe Awards in 2015.  Please click here to hear my speech.

Please donate by clicking on the Donate button.  Every dollar donated through Team Ayden goes directly to The Arthritis Society and is eligible for a tax receipt.

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more than 5 joints affected


Childhood when diagnosed


Unknown cause of how and why arthritis started 


Disease affecting the joints/tendons)

pain free for the first time in my life. I never knew a life without pain! I went into remission in May of 2018 after almost 2 years coming off Methotrexate. It would normally be time to celebrate, but I know that there is no cure. The odds of relapsing are high and so I enjoyed half of a summer with sports until I started to feel it come back again.

The pain and swelling started in my heels and my knees and now it's everywhere again. This time it's in joints that never had arthritis before.  So the ones that used to are damaged and now new joints are affected.  There are days I can't even walk because of the pain. I borrow my Nana's wheelchair sometimes so I can go to school. I had a steroid joint injection in my right knee to help bring down the inflammation so it's not as bad. I've had these before and they help, but because I have so many joints affected, I can only get one or two joint injections to help. It's too much to do all my joints. My next one is in my ankle, but we need a radiologist to help because it's in my tendon. Having arthritis is hard physically and emotionally to deal with the everyday, but I know it's important to stay strong. I can't let this beat me... and I won't let it. I have to be careful again, because some things as simple as falling on the ground or getting sick, my injury could take much longer to heal, If I sick and getting overly stressed can make it come back with fury. I want to be like all the other kids my age having fun without having to worry about what might happen to my joints.

pain management

The Arthritis Society hosts Chronic Pain Management Workshops across the country.  Find your location at the Arthritis Society.   


Share your time, skills and ideas with the Arthritis Society!  Help the 4.6 million Canadians suffering with Arthritis!

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To raise donations for the Arthritis Society in hopes to find a cure, and spread awareness that kids get arthritis too!

My name is Ayden Soares and I am 11 years old. I was diagnosed with Polyarticular Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in the spring of 2014 and have over 10 joints that are affected. When diagnosed, my right wrist didn't move at all and needed extra protection, and because of this my right arm had half the strength of my left. I couldn't even lift a piece of paper off the ground. 

My mom gives me weekly low dose injections of Methotrexate (same drug used to treat cancer - Chemo) to attempt to manage the inflammation, but doing this makes me nauseous and suppresses my immune system. This means fighting a common cold will be harder for me to do. I take pain medication when needed to help me keep going in the day. I take Folic Acid pills weekly to help with the bone development and I take naproxen twice a day to also help with inflammation so that I can continue to go to school and try to enjoy the same activities my friends like to do. Because of these medications, my inflammation has come down, and as of April, 2016....I was feeling arthritis free. I was feeling

Ayden's story - childhood arthritis awareness